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COAST COOKING: Sausage and pappardelle

I have a thing for sausage and pasta, so when I saw Chef John Currence's recipe for Italian sausage and pappardelle in his new cookbook, "Pickles, Pigs & Whiskey: Recipes from My Three Favorite Food Groups and Then Some," I knew it would be a killer combo. 

Pappardelle is a wide pasta that is hard to find, but I love it. There is a company online, that goes by the same name, Pappardelle's Pasta, that is quite good, but I am sure there are other online sources. 

Currence suggests you make your own pasta and that is always a good idea if you have the time. 

If you do not want to make your own and can't find pappardelle, try green (spinach) pasta, it is another favorite of mine. 

As for the sausage, most grocery stores now have fresh sausage for sale, but my favorite is Rouses mild Italian. This is a simple recipe and is quite delicious.

This is my take on John's recipe. If you want to see exactly how he does it, buy the book.


1 pound green pasta

1 pound Italian sausage

2 cups canned whole tomatoes

1 chopped red onion

1 chopped bell pepper

Red pepper flakes

Lots of Parmesan

Sauté the whole sausage in a pan with a little olive oil until well browned, then remove and set aside. Add the onion and bell pepper, don't you dare wash that pan out, and cook for 5 minutes, then add the tomatoes, red pepper flakes and the sausage, now cut into bite sizes and cook for 20 minutes. Add a glass of red wine if you like. Plate the pasta, top with sauce and garnish with lots of Parmesan (if you use the stuff in the green jar, I'll never speak to you again).