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COAST COOKING: The Reuben is king of sandwiches

The Reuben sandwich, if not the king of sandwiches, is at least in the top three. 

Exactly where it was invented is a point of contention. Some say New York City, some say Omaha, and as the two are a 20- hour drive apart, that’s quite a spread.

No matter where this brilliant combination of ingredients – corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing on rye bread – was first combined, its genius is undisputed.

There are some variations on the sandwich, but in this instance I think the original recipe is the best.

Don't fix something that isn't broken, right? Some might use a different type of bread, corned beef from different manufactures can be used, but if you don’t pile on the ingredients to make a 3- inch thick sandwich, you might as well have made a baloney and American cheese sandwich on white bread.

If you want to try this killer sandwich in all its glory, try the one made at In and Out in Biloxi.


Corned beef

Swiss cheese


Russian dressing

Rye bread


Make sure the bread is fresh and thick sliced, make sure the sauerkraut is not stone cold, and then pile on the ingredients in almost equal quantity. Now is not the time to be stingy. Butter the completed sandwich liberally, and toast on a panini grill or in a sauté pan. Make sure the pan is not so hot that the bread will toast, but the inside of the sandwich will be cold. If done right, it does not matter what you serve this sandwich with, you will only remember the sandwich.