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COAST COOKING: A Caprese salad will make you feel like it’s summer again

Certainly the Caprese salad is a summertime favorite, but if the winter blues have got you down, it just might brighten up your day. 

Caprese salad is Italian and the colors, red, green and white represent the Italian flag. The name means salad of Capri, so we know its exact origins. 

This is one of those recipes that will be made or broken according to the quality of ingredients you use. The tomatoes, which should be the best part are problematic. The best you can do is smell the tomatoes before you buy them. If they have no smell, they have no flavor. Sometimes the smaller tomatoes are the best. 

Fresh basil is good no matter from what source you buy them. You might want to trim the end stems, and put them in a small glass of water. They will rehydrate and at least appear healthier. 

The mozzarella also should be the best you can buy. The olive oil you use also should be of the best quality. There is some pretty good US- made olive oil that you might want to try.


Fresh sliced tomatoes (not too thin)

Nice thick slices of fresh mozzarella

1 bunch fresh basil leaves

Best quality olive oil  

Arrange the ingredients on a platter, alternating tomato, cheese, basil. Take your time and try to make it as artful as your fingers can. Drizzle with olive oil and enjoy with a great glass of wine. You will think you are enjoying the first days of full summer.