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Coast Cooking: Make this mayonnaise for your leftover turkey sandwich

It’s that time of the year when leftovers become a problem. The ‘frige’ is full and the prospects are that more is on the way. It would be a great pity to waste what we used to celebrate the abundance of the year by throwing away the excess. So let's get creative.

My Wednesday food column in the Sun Herald will go into greater depth with some left over ideas, but I am a great believer in that American institution called the sandwich.

Leftover turkey and ham will make a nice sandwich, but if you add the additional ingredients to make it a club, then more the better. If you combine the ham or turkey, add cheese, butter the bread and grill it, then you will have a grilled cheese on a much higher order. 

 But there's more to leftovers than just ham and turkey. Why not jazz up that mayonnaise with leftover cranberries? Curry also makes a delicious fortified mayonnaise, as does hot sauce. Be creative with those leftovers, and your family will be that much more content with the holidays.


2-3 cups leftover turkey

1 po-boy loaf per person

1/2 cup best quality mayo

1 tablespoon cranberry sauce (with whole berries is best)

1-2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

Lettuce, tomato and sliced red onion for garnish

Slice and toast the bread, add a little butter if you are feeling extravagant. Combine the mayonnaise, cranberry and lemon juice. If you want to make this a hot sandwich, warm the turkey in some good butter. Build the sandwich as you wish, but don't forget to lavish the mayonnaise, it is delicious.