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Coast Cooking: Cheeseburgers for my birthday!

Today is my birthday, so I think I've earned the right to wax eloquent over just about anything I want to. If you know me, you know what's coming. 

Yep, I am going to write about cheeseburgers again. 

The state of the cheeseburger on the Coast is a mixed scene, but mostly good. 

I had one in Bay St Louis a weekend back, and it was dreadful; limp fries, a serious scarcity of cheese, and an overcooked patty. 

Then I had a simple burger at Tony's on Pass Road in Biloxi that was up to standard, and just down the street is In and Out, and they consistently put out a top burger. 

The Alcove in Long Beach, which sadly closed recently, was at the top of my list with a burger topped with pulled pork and fried onion rings. Mug Shots is consistently ranked No. 1 in Mississippi and for good reason. There are lots of other good places, but I just can't mention them all in this space. 

Treat your burger with respect, buy the best quality, fatty meat you can lay your hands on, use real bread, not the thin white stuff that seems to dominate the American diet, and for goodness sake, please use good cheese. After that you are on your own. 

Oh, one last thought, use a real hard wood fire if there is any way you can see your way to it.


1 pound best quality ground meat

1-2 tablespoons Dales Steak Seasoning

2-3 cloves chopped garlic

Fresh ground black pepper

Gruyere cheese

Crusty bread

In a large bowl add the meat and the rest of the seasonings, mix well, then form into four patties. Make sure the fire is just starting to die down, then grill the burger to medium well, just a bit of pink on the inside. A well done burger, if you are using good quality meat, is a great pity. Add lots of cheese, close the grill to melt the cheese, then serve piping hot, encased in that crusty bread. The condiments are your personal choice.