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Coast Cooking: Crab is good for more than just crab cakes

One of the treasures we harvest from our local waters is the fine blue crab. Most often when we are confronted with crab it is in the form of a crab cake, or, if you are really old school, as a stuffing for fish along with the obligatory cream sauce. But it doesn't have to be that way.

This recipe is for fresh corn and lump crab. If you really don't want to use fresh corn, I suggest you move on to another recipe; the fresh corn does mean that much here.

This makes for a delightful first course or a light lunch. Typically this dish would be served with a chardonnay, but I've about had it with the over oaked and tannined chards California is producing these days. If you can afford it, my best choice would be a beautiful white Bordeaux.

Crab and corn salad             

1 cup lump crab meat

2-3 cups fresh corn

1 small chopped red onion

1-2 pinch red pepper flakes (substitute 1 small chopped jalapeño if you like)

1 small bunch basil

2-3 tablespoons cream

Oil as needed

Add a little oil to a sauté pan, heat to medium, then add the pepper flakes, followed by the onion, cook just a few minutes, then add the fresh corn (add the jalapeno now if you are using it). Cook until the corn is just tender, but please do not overcook it. Add the cream and cook just to thicken, then carefully toss in the crab. Don't over mix it as it will break up the lumps. Serve warm or at room temperature.