Coast Cooking

COAST COOKING: Hot dogs are perfect for on the go

America's favorite food, the hot dog, is street food, easy to take along with you and found on street corners everywhere.

Nathan's and Hebrew National both make pretty good dogs that are generally available.

The best way to cook a great hot dog is on the grill, wood fire or hardwood charcoal fire, of course. As for buns, you are pretty much stuck with stock buns at the grocery, unless you know a local baker who will do you a favor, but French bread might work OK. As for condiments, the sky is the limit.

Hot dogs

1 package best quality hot dogs

Freshly made French bread

Grated Gruyere cheese

2-4 jalapeño slices

Chopped tomato


Get a good fire going and let it just start to die down. Remove the soft bread from inside the French loaf. Grill the hot dogs until they are properly seared, place in the bread (warmed or toasted if you like), pile on the condiments and dig in. Remember a good hot dog is supposed to be messy.