Coast Cooking

Carbonara with udon noodles

When you think of Asian noodles do you think only of Top Ramen? If so you are behind the learning curve.

If you want to see what I mean, pay a visit to Lee's International Market in Biloxi (or any other Asian market you like) and there you will find a selection with at least 50 choices.

The most common types are soba, udon, ramen, cellophane, rice, lo mein and wonton, but that is not all. My favorites are the udon noodles that you find in the refrigerated section. They are thick, meaty and cook very quickly.

These chewy noodles are great in a variety of ways, but I have to admit, none of my favorite serving ideas are even close to traditional.

Try making carbonara with udon (eggs, bacon and noodle), or with just a chicken stock base. Cover in Parmesan or your other favorite cheese, or just brown them quickly in a bit of good butter. You can't go wrong.

1 package fresh udon noodles

1 cups chicken stock

1-2 farm fresh egg

Soy sauce or Sriracha hot sauce, cilantro to garnish

Bring the stock to a low simmer, add the noodles and cook until they no longer stick together, just a minute or two. You can add the eggs to the stock and noodles, or precook the egg, it's up to you. Garnish according to your taste, the three listed are my best suggestions. If you are man enough, grab the chop sticks and dig in.