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Carolina rice griddle cakes, mmm, mmm!

If you know me, then you know I am a big fan of the Netflix series, “Mind of a Chef.”

One of my favorite chefs is Sean Brock of Husk fame.  This guy seems like a real country sort of guy, but he is a serious chef and I learn something interesting every time I watch him.

This recipe, Carolina rice griddle cakes, Chef Brock took from an 1881 cookbook, titled "What Mrs. Fisher Knows About Cooking,” one of the first cookbooks by a black cook.  

He paired the cakes with pimento and cheese, but I cannot find his pimento and cheese recipe anywhere, so you are going to have to use your own. Please use the best quality extra sharp cheddar cheese you can find.

3/4 cup Cornmeal

1 cup cooked rice

1/2 to 3/4 cup Buttermilk

1-2 tablespoons lard

1 egg



This is one of those recipes that you have to feel along the way, no exact measurements are possible. Combine the cornmeal, most of the buttermilk, the egg, a pinch of salt and if you are brave enough, the lard. Mix well. The mixture should be loose, and not too thick. Put the rice in a large mixing bowl and slowly add the cornmeal batter. It should be more rice than batter, just a bit thicker than a pancake batter. Here is where you have to use your own judgment. Add oil to a black cast iron skillet, heat medium high and fry the batter in cakes until well browned