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The most delicious egg recipe you have to try

Remember the advertising campaign a while back, the incredible, edible egg? Well, if treated with the respect it deserves, and if you take the time to buy them from a local farmer, the egg can be pretty incredible.

The difference between a store bought egg and a fresh egg cannot be overstated.  Freshness is so important the famed cookbook, “La Bonne Cuisine,” by Madame E. Saint-Ange, insists that for an egg to be at its best, it must be cooked on the same day it is laid.

Saint-Ange also tells us that if the egg is more than three days old it will no longer be creamy and if they must be kept in the refrigerator, then they must rest for two hours before being used.

Julia Child also got into the act with her famous 30-minute scrambled egg. This is a recipe that you just have to try; you won't believe the creamy custard like consistency that it can produce.


4 eggs (at room temperature)

2-3 tablespoons best quality butter

1 tablespoon cream

1 pinch salt


Place a non-stick pan on your stove top and turn on to the lowest setting. Whisk the pinch of salt and cream into the eggs, being very careful not to over-whip them, this should not take more than 10 seconds. Put the butter in the pan and when it is melted, swirl to cover the pan, add the eggs and do not increase the heat. Nothing much will happen for 10 or 15 minutes, but the eggs will soon start to form a delicious custard. Give it a stir every once in a while, but you do not have to stand over the stove and watch. Remove when still quite moist and serve at once. Serve on freshly buttered toast.