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Oysters are great, but are even better fried and served with coleslaw

M.F.K. Fisher is one of my favorite food writers.

You can get most of what she wrote in one volume, "The Art of Eating," by Wiley Publishing, but one of my favorite books is called "Consider the Oyster," it is less than 60 pages and a delightful read.

It quotes Jonathan Swift, who said, "He was a bold man that first ate an oyster."

Perhaps that is a true statement, but I love the little mollusks.

Another quote, while we are at it; Robert Noecker was asked if he had any regrets in life and famously replied ,“My only regret in life is that I didn’t drink enough Champagne.”

 If someone were to ask me that question I would have to answer, "I didn’t eat enough oysters."

I love them raw, grilled and mostly deep fried. Fried they are good neat, with a bit of lemon or just a drop of cocktail sauce, but they are the very best when presented in a po-boy.

If you want to make them even better, serve them topped with coleslaw.

Here's my favorite coleslaw recipe.

1 package coleslaw mix (vegetables only)

1 scant cup best quality mayo

1/4 cup rice vinegar

1/4 cup sugar

Optional 1/2 teaspoon celery seed, 1 jalapeno, and/or several good splashes of hot sauce


Combine the ingredients and taste for seasoning. Refrigerate before serving. The celery seeds don’t blow me away, but they are pretty good. The hot sauce, Valentina of course, is great if you want to make it just a bit spicy, and if you want to go all in, add a chopped jalapeno.