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Try grilling a hot dog for Labor Day

Whatever happened to the hot dog?

Don't you remember eating them as a child, and don't you remember them being delicious?

So few places make a good one, even most of the dogs available at the grocery are pretty terrible. When is the last time you had a great hot dog?

Nathan's and Hebrew National are generally available and pretty good, but there are lots of others, even some organic varieties, that have to be special ordered.

This is another case where your personal opinion is the last judge.

I’d love to hear about your favorite hot dog place, so please chime in.

I like the dogs at Five Guys and Sloppy Dogs in Bay St Louis. If you want an authentic experience, Cannellla in Bay St Louis sells an imported German sausage that was probably the prototype of the American dog.

I am sure there are others, right?

For the home cook, this is my best recipe.

1 package best quality hot dogs

Po-boy rolls, cut in half

Chopped red onions

1 seeded and chopped jalapeño

shredded sharp Swill cheese

Best quality catsup


A great hot dog just has to be grilled over a charcoal fire. Cut the po-boy bread in half, then dig out most of the soft white bread. Grill the hot dogs until they are spattering, and just on the edge of burning. Toast the bread on the same fire, add dog to bread and immediately add the cheese, so that it will melt from the residual heat. Garnish with the other toppings and serve at once.