Coast Cooking

It's hard to beat a good cheese burger

It's hot outside now, but just around the corner will be cooler days and football season.

That means it will soon be time to get the grill out again. My upcoming Wednesday column in the Food section is all about grilling, and you'll also find three recipes there: a great burger, German style sausages and sweet, succulent grilled Mississippi oysters. I hope you like them.

I know I have said it several times before, but I think there is little that rivals a well-cooked cheese burger, so let's digress here for a moment on the cheese part of the equation.

Sad to say, much cheese in this country is all about texture and not flavor. For some, if it is hot and gooey, then it is good.

If you were to do a side-by-side taste test of the gooey type of cheese with a sharp cheddar, Gruyere, Emmental, Manchego, or countless others, the others would win hands down.

I know the better cheeses are pricy, but a little goes a long way.


1 pound best quality ground beef

1/4 cup chopped red onion

2-3 cloves diced garlic

1 chopped jalapeno

2-3 pinches red pepper flakes

Sharp cheddar cheese

Combine the ingredients, leaving out only the cheese. Form into equal size balls, then flatten into patties. Grill over a hot, smoky fire, just before they are done, top with lots of cheese, cover with a lid and let melt. Serve on locally made bread, slices of red ripe tomato and a bit of good lettuce. Serve at once.