Coast Cooking

Not a fan of okra, give this method a try

Okra, surely one of the most under-adored vegetables, is one of the best blessings of the Southern summer.

Okra is an integral part of cold weather gumbo and many people love it deep fried (oh how Southern can you get, right?).

Traditionally it was served boiled in the old South, but that method, thankfully in my opinion, seems to have been left by the way side as many people considered it to be slimy and didn’t like the consistency. It is an acquired taste to be sure.

There is another way to serve okra, however, that just might change your mind about this Southern staple: grilled and applied to a tomato, and homemade ricotta salad, it is brought to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Split okra down the middle, remove any seeds and toss in a little olive oil, add a pinch of salt and grill over a hot fire. This is best done over a charcoal grill, but a grill pan over a hot stove will do. Remove just as soon as they start to take on color and serve warm, or at room temperature. Go ahead, give it a try.