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Pasta should be on your home menu for a quick meal. Here’s why.

Pasta can be your go-to supper when you are in a hurry.
Pasta can be your go-to supper when you are in a hurry. Special to the Sun Herald

Everyone is in a hurry these days and are always looking for great shortcut meals to feed the family.

If you fit that bill, then pasta should be on your menu.

Most dried pastas are done in 8 to 12 minutes, but for a few dollars more you can buy fresh pasta (in the refrigerated section at the grocery store), and it is ready in just minutes.

If you are really in a hurry, melt butter in a sauté pan, brown the butter over medium-low heat (add a little garlic if you like), and add a few sage leaves. A sage brown butter sauce is great with any pasta, particulary a filled pasta, such as ravioli.

If you want a more traditional tomato based sauce, there are several ways you can go.

Sauté Creole Seasoning (that pre-chopped mixture of onion, bell pepper and celery almost every grocery store carries now) in olive oil (season with black pepper and oregano), add a few chopped tomatoes, and a diced jalapeno if you want it hot. It doesn’t need to be cooked for more than 10 or 15 minutes. Season with Italian seasoning. That’s it.

If you want a deep, rich red sauce, there is little choice but for a long cook recipe. Onions, bell pepper, celery sautéed in olive oil for 20 minutes, 1-2 can whole tomatoes, a cup of red wine, red pepper flakes, oregano and a good pinch of salt. Total cook time about one hour.