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Grilled corn salad like this will amaze your dining guests

A fresh grilled corn salad might be the hit of your party.
A fresh grilled corn salad might be the hit of your party. Special to the Sun Herald

I’m fortunate to have Kim Wilson as a business partner.

She is amazing in the kitchen and although I have been cooking more than twice as long as she has, she is always showing me amazing dishes.

Recently she mentioned several times a grilled corn salad. I have been hearing about grilling corn still in the husk for years, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

On top of that, fresh corn is now in the grocery stores, and it seems like a good summertime treat.

Last Saturday we fired up the grill, and Kim went to work.

We were cooking for eight friends, and I was a bit nervous about making a dish I had no experience with, but with Kim in the kitchen, as I should have learned by now, there was nothing to fear.

We roasted the corn just until the corn began to show sear marks, cut it off the cob and added to the mix English cucumbers, sweet peppers, sweet onions, a jalapeno, olive oil, diced daikon and garnished it with a balsamic reduction.

When we served this salad along with one of the best dry Rieslings I’ve had in ages, everyone at the table was amazed. The salad was crunchy, a bit smoky and spicy, and perfect in every way.

Give this simple salad a try, and you and your family will love it.