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We splurged for some wagyu steaks and had a meal we will long remember

The best quality beef is expensive, but worth the price.
The best quality beef is expensive, but worth the price. Special to the Sun Herald

Recently my business partner Kim Wilson and I grilled steaks for friends.

We decided to go all out, and as I had a trip to Jackson planned anyway, we drove the few extra miles to Flora and visited a shop that is coming up on many people’s radars.

The Flora Butcher is the only place I know of that sells wagyu beef, and it is raised in northern Louisiana. This full-service butcher shop also offers pork, other meat products, and lots of Mississippi-made products, but its main business is wagyu beef.

Now I know you are going to think me crazy, but we found wagyu ribeye steaks for $25 a pound, and you are going to think me out of my mind, but I turned those down in favor of dry aged wagyu ribeye steaks that set us back $38 a pound.

It just might have been a once-in-a-lifetime thing, but it was worth every bite. We cooked the steaks sous vide, after seasoning them with thyme, fresh ground black pepper and olive oil, then seared them on a screaming hot grill.

We served them over cheese grits, and a garnish of asparagus and grilled tomatoes. I may be nuts, but I’ll remember this meal for a long, long time.