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All hail olive oil and its important place in the kitchen

Olive oil makes everything better!
Olive oil makes everything better!

Finally! Several local grocery stores are starting to carry better quality olive oil.

You might be surprised if you watched a French or Italian cook at work, and notice the copious quantities of olive oil that they use. It is not just a lubricant, it is an integral ingredient that adds flavor and heartiness.

The vast majority of olive oils sold in grocery stores are just wimpy. They have little to no flavor, and you will have a hard time telling the difference between them and canola oil. A good olive oil should be fruity, pungent or even a bit bitter.

Almost everything is better with a judicious drizzle of olive oil: pizza, a well-made bruschetta, any pasta, scrambled eggs, even grilled steak.

One of my favorites is chopped heirloom tomatoes, Mississippi grown rice, salt, pepper, and a nice peppery garnish of olive oil. Give it a try!