Coast Cooking

Get out there and find a pho that you like and share it with your friends

The broth is the key to a great pho.
The broth is the key to a great pho. Special to the Sun Herald

The beef broth is key to a great pho. Preparing the borth is a long, slow process, often taking eight hours or more.

Beef bones are the base ingredients. They are roasted, then simmered for hours with a variety of other good things.

The stock is always clear, which means it is never allowed to boil, and it is loaded with flavor from herbs and spices you may not be used to, such as Thai cinnamon and star anise.

If you peak into a Vietnamese kitchen, you are sure to see huge stock pots simmering away. Each was made from scratch, each was allowed to cook as long as necessary. This is the way good food is cooked in every country: no prepared, boxed or packaged ingredients, seasonings that are added not from a recipe, but by a talented chef or cook, who has spent a lifetime learning how to get it exactly right.

Pho is one of the wonders of our culinary world, and we are blessed to have a plenty of Vietnamese restaurants on the Coast, offering one of the world’s great cuisines. Get out there and find one that you like, then share it with your friends.