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Try pho. You’re sure to love it

Pho is the national dish of Vietnam.
Pho is the national dish of Vietnam. Special to the Sun Herald

Pho, the national dish of Vietnam, is an absolute wonder that is popular morning, noon and night: literally.

At its core, it is a clear beef broth soup, adorned with thin slices of beef and a hearty helping of rice noodles.

But it is much more than that: Check out one of the Coast’s many Vietnamese restaurants, especially on a Sunday, and you will see pho being eaten by the gallon.

It was made popular in North Vietnam, around Hanoi, but its popularity has spread all over the country and now, all over the world. There are a few varieties that include such additions as of raw beef, meat balls, brisket, chicken and much more. If you try it for the first time, go for the basic round steak.

But remember, pho is eaten with two hands: chop sticks in the right hand, Asian style spoon in the other. It is not a difficult task to master, but please, do not go after your pho with a Western style fork and spoon — you will be missing half the fun.