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Try this tasty grilled chicken recipe

Grilled chicken is great summertime treat.
Grilled chicken is great summertime treat. MCT

Grilling is a great summertime option.

You know I’m a fan of hardwood fires, or fires made with hardwood charcoal, so I’ll spare you the lecture, just get that grill going.

Marinate bone-in chicken thighs in olive oil (breasts are just too dry), oregano and red pepper flakes for an hour or two.

Throw them onto a glowing hot grill and cook just to seared (turn often with thongs, never spear grilled meats with a fork, all the juice runs out). Close the lid and roast until done. You also can use turkey if you like, or a good bone-in pork chop. Serve with pasta, anointed in a little of the unused marinade.