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Deviled eggs make a great summertime treat

Deviled eggs are perfect for the summertime.
Deviled eggs are perfect for the summertime. Special to the Sun Herald

This week I’m blogging about a few summertime dishes.

No soups, no stews, nothing hearty and heavy. No thank you.

One of my favorite summertime options is the classic Southern deviled egg. Gone are the days when a deviled egg is only stuffed with yolk and mayonnaise. The doors have been flung open and the options are almost limitless.

Add a little mayonnaise (I prefer homemade), a few boiled shrimp, a pinch of red pepper flakes or at least a little paprika and blend.

It’s a great filling made even better if you garnish with cilantro. Combine the same ingredients, but substitute the shrimp for crab, and do not blend, and you’ll have another winner.

If you are on a budget and can’t afford the seafood, go with egg yolk, a little mayonnaise, mustard and a few drops of vinegar.

One last suggestion, fill your boiled eggs with your favorite recipe for pimento and cheese.

See? The possibilities are almost endless.