Coast Cooking

Shrimp or fish tacos are a great variation on an old favorite

I hope you are keeping up with this week’s blog posts about tacos, because there is a lot of information to consider.

Beef and pork tacos are delicious, but a well-made shrimp taco is hard to beat.

The basics are simple: use only wild-caught United States shrimp, do not overcook the shrimp and don’t over season to the point that the delicate shrimp flavor is overpowered.

A good salsa is OK as a garnish, but my favorite is a crunchy coleslaw made with homemade mayonnaise and vinegar, and a nice pinch or three of freshly ground black pepper. Season the shrimp lightly with Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning, and sauté quickly in butter. Build the taco quickly, as you want to serve them hot. A little Valentino hot sauce adds a nice kick. Use sparingly.