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La Norteña serves authentic Mexican cuisine

This is the Loco Burrito from La Nortena in Biloxi.
This is the Loco Burrito from La Nortena in Biloxi. Special to the Sun Herald

La Norteña is a Mexican place in Biloxi that I have been going to for years, as do most of my chef friends.

This is not a Tex-Mex place, so forget about the sour cream and margaritas.

It is a restaurant that caters to the Spanish-speaking community, and Grandma is in the kitchen cooking, so you know it is wholesome, hearty and absolutely delicious.

I love the tacos here, and the chile relleno, and the fresh-squeezed juice and house-made chorizo sausage.

I have loved everything I’ve ever had here, but the Loco Burrito is my favorite.

It is huge and stuffed with all the good things you might expect — beef, rice and beans — and when you top it with the homemade salsa, it is sensational.

Thanks goodness this place is right around the corner from my home!

La Norteña

Where: 224 Porter Avenue, Biloxi

Hours: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily

Phone: 228-432-3140