Coast Cooking

Get out and take a culinary adventure; there are plenty of opportunities

When Kim Wilson and I first started cooking together, I assumed, because I am quite a bit older than her, and more experienced, that I would be teaching her more than she would be teaching me. Boy, was I wrong.

The first thing we cooked a was a gumbo, a recipe I have been working on for almost 30 years.

Wilson made the roux, and as I watched her I thought she was ruining it, burning it, way too dark. Man I thought all of our efforts were for naught, but when we combined the gumbo and roux I was stunned.

It was the best gumbo I have ever had.

So this is what we do: we cook, we argue, we visit restaurants and we take photos.

Most of all, however, we have a good time and that is what we want you to do as well.

The culinary adventures available to you on the Gulf Coast are varied, exciting and mostly affordable.

Pick out a new place, take a friend or partner, order a glass of wine and an appetizer or two, and see what you think. That’s a cheap date.

Get in the car and ramble around, you just don’t know what you might discover. That’s what we do.