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A cut of beef by any other name we still have our favorites all the same

There are seven cuts of beef that are the most popular in the USA.
There are seven cuts of beef that are the most popular in the USA. Special to the Sun Herald

The standard cuts of beef we use in the United States are not universally accepted around the world.

What we call a fillet, the French break down into four cuts: filets, chateaubriands, tournedos and filets mignon.

In Italy the T-bone is known as, the Lombata, Lombo or Trinca, depending on in which part of Italy you might find yourself.

There is no such confusion here or the type of cuts, but an argument can be had any day of the week over which cut is the best.

Some people like the filet, but others say it is too dry and not as hearty as, say, a rib-eye.

The T-bone and porterhouse usually get high marks, but those are pretty large cuts, and not everyone these days wants a portion that big. If you are into big, check out the tomahawk streak a few places offer these days (mostly at the casinos, but Corks and Cleaver in Gulfport has it at times). It is a massive bone in rib-eye with at least 5 inches of rib bone protruding, although it is just for presentation.

I won’t argue over the cut of beef as much as I will over the quality. Prime beef is always going to be better, as is Certified Angus Beef.