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Try making a fried catfish po-boy

A fried catfish po-boy can be a thing of wonder.
A fried catfish po-boy can be a thing of wonder. Special to the Sun Herald

As referenced in Wednesday’s blog post, catfish is versatile. Not only in how it can be cooked, but also in what can be served with it. I have already blogged about pairing it with cheese grits and roasted sweet potatoes, but here is another idea.

Why not serve fried catfish as a po-boy?

If you pair it with a sweet and vinegary coleslaw it is amazing. Use a good crusty French bread (my favorite comes from Henry’s Café and Bakery in D’Iberville), fish that is crisp, but not overcooked, and cole slaw.

You might want to serve wedges of lemon, as well — some people like citrus.

As with all fried foods, serve immediately. The shelf life of anything fried is measured in minutes.

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