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Ever tried a Vancleave Special po-boy? Here’s your chance

The crabmeat po-boy has its origins in Biloxi.
The crabmeat po-boy has its origins in Biloxi. Special to the Sun Herald

This week I’m returning to a favorite topic and blogging about the po-boys.

They are as lovely a sandwich as can be found, and when loaded with fresh seafood they are sublime.

A crabmeat po-boy, which many people say originated at Rossetti’s Restaurant in Biloxi, may not be the most popular po-boy, but it might be the most storied.

As the story goes, a guy from Vancleave came into Rossetti’s and asked for a crab cake with cheese on a baguette for a quick po-boy take out.

The owner of Rossetti’s referred to the sandwich as the Vancleave Special in honor of town customer’s hometown.

Today’s menus just call them crab meat po-boys.

If you can find a good one, the crab meat is the main attraction, not bread filling that acts as a binder.

I like them just a bit spicy, so if there is a shake or two of red pepper flakes, it is fine by me. As is the case with all po-boys, this one is best served with a bottle of cold Barq’s root beer.