Coast Cooking

Fish tacos are becoming a staple of beachside restaurants on the Coast

Our Hispanic friends have been putting a huge variety of good things to eat in a corn or flour tortilla for ages.

Somehow, Americans agreed that ground beef was the best of the lot, but, thank goodness, that silly idea is fading away.

I have been known to eat with gusto a tortilla filled with collard greens and a good dollop of Valentina Hot Sauce, but I have to admit, when well-cooked a shrimp or fish taco is pretty hard to beat.

It does need a condiment or two, maybe diced tomato and green onion, and a splash of olive oil is a good thing as well, but don’t cover up the delicate flavor of fresh shrimp or fish with an overpowering sauce.

Fish and shrimp tacos might be a relatively new addition to local bar food or snacks, but you’d be hard-pressed to find one of the new, raised beachside places that does not feature them prominently on the menu.