Coast Cooking

Nachos are in a class all their own when it comes to bar food

Nachos used to be toasted tortilla chips covered in some sort of dreadful cheese-like sauce.

But that version has mostly disappeared these days.

Freshly toasted or deep fried tortilla chips can be anointed with a variety of cheeses, none better than the best melting cheese in the world, Gruyere, but they can also be topped with pulled pork, chili, chicken in Alfredo sauce and a variety of other items such as jalapeno peppers, and even olive salad most people reserve for muffulettas.

If you want to try something really delicious and messy, make nachos with a classic red sauce, and garnish with good Parmesan Reggiano, something as simple as Hollandaise sauce or something you see more and more often, nachos covered in beef debris.