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Mmm! Cornbread and greens make a great meatless meal

Greens and cornbread make a perfect Lent offering.
Greens and cornbread make a perfect Lent offering. Special to the Sun Herald

When you go meatless there is no reason you can’t go Southern at the same time.

Sure, Southern food is famous for its use of pork, but pork is not a requirement for Southern food.

One of my favorite Deep South combinations is cornbread and greens, and if you garnish it with a tomato chutney, aka chow-chow, it can be fantastic.

If you want to use a cornbread mix, I won’t tell anyone, just be sure to heat that cast-iron skillet smoking hot, add oil and pour the batter in.

It will sizzle and smoke, but it is making a delicious brown and chewy crust that is wonderful. Cook the greens in a vegetable stock, add red pepper flakes and a jalapeno pepper if you like.

The chow-chow is a simple combination of 2-3 cups whole canned tomatoes, 1 cup sugar, 2/3 cup vinegar, 1 chopped onion, a few whole cloves and a chopped jalapeno. Simmer until thick. That’s it!