Coast Cooking

Orchid restaurant serves up authentic Indian cuisine

A creamy, spicy and delicious ‘curry’ from Orchid in Gulfport.
A creamy, spicy and delicious ‘curry’ from Orchid in Gulfport. Special to the Sun Herald

This week, I’m blogging about a familiar theme — the ethnically diverse restaurants found on the Coast.

South Mississippi’s culinary diversity is surprising, and it includes some of the categories we accept as “local,” such as Creole and Cajun, but it also includes Italian, German, Indian, Costa Rican, Mexican, Tex-Mex, Vietnamese, Thai, Greek, Jamaican and more.

One of my favorite ethnic restaurants on the Coast is Orchid at 162 Tegarden Road, Gulfport.

Orchid is an authentic Indian place that offers a lunchtime buffet, that is perfect for people who are not familiar with Indian food. Grab a plate and get a small helping of as many dishes as you think you can eat.

Don’t be too tentative, Indian food is seriously spicy, but that doesn’t translate into heat, just assertive spices such as cardamom, coriander, cumin and nutmeg.

If you want it spicy, you can order off the menu, but if you ask for Indian hot, be prepared for volcanic heat. I suggest you try the chicken tikka masala. Also try paneer, a vegetarian dish made with spinach and an Indian cheese. Both are delicious and not high on the spice scale.