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That rack of pork can be really special if you prepare it this way

A rack of pork, cooked sous vide, is simple and amazingly tender.
A rack of pork, cooked sous vide, is simple and amazingly tender. Special to the Sun Herald

That bone-in rack of pork you have been eyeing at the grocery just might be the treat you have been looking for to surprise your family with for a special dinner.

It is even better if you can cook it in an immersion circulator, the fancy kitchen gadget that cooks in the style of sous vide (French for under vacuum).

If you are not familiar with the process, food is cryovaced, or otherwise vacuum sealed in plastic, then cooked in a water bath that has been heated to the final temperature you want the food to be cooked to. In this case the immersion circulator is set to 63 c. / 145 f. and the pork is cooked for 90 minutes (as recommended by the USDA).

Here we go, set the immersion circulator to 63 c. Place the rack in the plastic sack (type depending on your vacuum sealer), add olive oil, freshly ground black pepper, several twigs of fresh rosemary and a bay leaf or two. Seal, place in the immersion circulator, and cook for 90 minutes. Remove plastic, heat a dry, but heavy bottom sauté pan to very hot, add oil (carefully as it might flash) and sear until dark brown.

Using a chef’s knife, slice the rack into chops and season with course sea salt. Please remember that the pork will appear a little pink, but I assure if you followed the instructions, it is done. Give it a taste, and you will be surprised at how tender and delicious it is.