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Serious about food, football? Try these Super Bowl ideas

Make a gyro with homemade meatballs and your Super Bowl guests will love it.
Make a gyro with homemade meatballs and your Super Bowl guests will love it. Special to the Sun Herald

Who says you have to celebrate the Super Bowl with chips and dips?

They are nice to have as snacks and appetizers while watching the big game but are not substantial enough for the main course.

If you don’t feel like spending a lot of time in the kitchen, consider serving a sandwich platter from the local deli for the main meal.

Getting takeout is another pretty good idea.

Perhaps you could go for the standard big pot of homemade chili if you want to spend a little time in the kitchen.

None of those are really my style, though, and if you’re a serious foodie, too, you might want to try something a little different.

After all, the Super Bowl is possibly the biggest food day of the year behind Thanksgiving, so I’m sharing a few recipes I have borrowed over the years from some enterprising Mississippi chefs.

You might want to try making a few of these for your Super Bowl party if you’re as serious about your food as you are about your football.

Deep-Fried Black-Eyed Peas

This is a recipe I found at the Blue Canoe in Tupelo. It is an innovative idea and is perfect as a snack with an ice-cold beer. This is about as easy as it gets.

2-3 cups cooked black-eyed peas

Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning

Coarse-ground sea salt

Oil for deep frying

Dry the peas thoroughly, then season with plenty of Tony Chachere’s. Fry until crispy and then drain on paper towels; salt and serve immediately.

Meatball Flatbread

The basic idea is a gyro, but replacing the lamb/pork mixture with a miniature meatball. Sicilian II in Biloxi has this as a Wednesday lunch special and I love it.

½ pound ground pork

½ pound ground beef

1 cup panko bread crumbs

½ cup milk

Chopped fresh tomato

Sliced yellow onion

Red pepper flakes, freshly ground black pepper, sea salt

Flat bread

Combine the milk and bread crumbs, and allow to soak. Combine the beef and pork and season aggressively. Squeeze the milk out of the breadcrumbs, then combine it with the seasoned meat. Form into small and equally sized balls and sauté in hot oil until well-browned but not overcooked.

For the sauce

1-2 cups yogurt

1 large cucumber cubed

1-2 cloves finely diced garlic

3-4 tablespoons favorite vinegar

Salt, lemon and olive oil as needed

Combine the yogurt, cucumber, vinegar and garlic; season to taste.

1 flatbread per sandwich, add 3-4 meatballs, top with plenty of sauce and tomatoes and sliced onions.

Ham Biscuit with P&C and Wickles

This is one of my favorite snacks found at the Green House on Porter in Ocean Springs, one of the coolest coffee shops on the Coast.

1 dozen homemade biscuits

1 pound thin sliced smoked ham from a local deli

1 pound best quality white or yellow cheddar cheese, shredded

Pimentos, chopped

Best quality mayonnaise

Black pepper

Wickles Relish

Combine the cheese, as many chopped pimentos as you like, with plenty of mayonnaise, season with black pepper. Spread the pimento and cheese on each biscuit, add plenty of ham, then toast in a hot oven. Garnish with Wickles and serve hot.