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Thai Jasmin rice is an excellent variety of rice

Rice is fundamental to many Asian food cultures.
Rice is fundamental to many Asian food cultures. Special to the Sun Herald

I’m blogging about rice this week, and today I’m not going to give you a specific recipe, but I am going to tell you about one of my favorite varieties of rice.

Sometimes you can find it in small bags at traditional grocery stores, but I always buy a large sack at the Asian market. Thai Jasmin rice is a real favorite, and I think you will find it fragrant and delicious.

As I am sure you know, rice is important to Asian food culture. Even in local Asian markets, the arrival of the new crop of rice is quite an event.

If you have trouble cooking rice, invest in a simple rice cooker. It is a good investment.

Remember, it is a steamer, so you can cook much more than just rice in it. The other night, I made rice, added some leftover rotisserie chicken and a handful of fresh spinach. Twenty minutes later I had a healthy and delicious one-pot meal. Check it out.