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Cheesy oysters? OK, if you do it delicately

Cheese and oysters may be taking it a bit too far.
Cheese and oysters may be taking it a bit too far. Special to the Sun Herald

This may be taking the idea of baked or grilled oysters a bit too far. Oysters and cheese?

Well, I guess it depends on the cheese, doesn’t it? Parmesan cheese? OK, that’s not too bad.

Cave aged Gruyere? OK, that sounds pretty good, but a bright yellow cheddar?

I think that’s the Rubicon, or line not to be crossed, in pairing seafood and cheese.

The point is, do you want to taste the oysters, or are you interested in the yummy flavor of melted cheese and butter?

You do not want to mask the delicate flavor of a fat, salty oyster with an overpowering cheese, or any other ingredient, for that matter.

Now don’t come down on me too hard. If I was an Italian, I would strenuously object to pairing any cheese with any seafood.

So I am trying to stay in the middle of the road on this subject. If you want to do the gooey cheese thing, go ahead, but I think I’ll abstain.