Coast Cooking

Rice, shrimp and sausage is a go-to simple and delicious dish

Rice, shrimp and sausage make a wonderful combination.

One of my favorite things to cook and eat is the simple combination of shrimp, rice and sausage. You can doctor it up a bit with sautéed vegetables.

I love to add fresh herbs and a pinch or two of red pepper flakes (make sure your spices are not too old, if they have been in your kitchen cabinets for more than a few months, they are old and much diminished).

To make it extra good cook the rice in chicken stock, use a good quality smoked sausage that has been well-seared and fresh Gulf shrimp that have not been overcooked.

When you have a craving for hearty food, simple and easy to make, this should be a go-to recipe.