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Chef Louis Finnan offers a taste of the French Quarter in Bay St. Louis

Chef Louie Finnan showing off fresh baked bread.
Chef Louie Finnan showing off fresh baked bread. Special to the Sun Herald

Chef Louie Finnan of Louie and the Redhead Lady (136 Blaze Avenue, Bay St. Louis) is an old-school New Orleans chef.

He spent years in NOLA and other cities as well, making the food that you would expect to find in the French Quarter.

The dishes that come out of his kitchen are Creole to the core, but made with a light hand.

He is a true saucier, as revealed by one bite of one of his signature dishes that are topped with a cream sauce.

This classic sauce is often made heavy and burdensome, but Finnan knows his way around a sauce pan and his sauces are a delight. Everything I have eaten in this restaurant has been first rate.

Finnan offers a prime example of the diversity Coast restaurants have to offer and professional quality of our chefs.