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A club sandwich may be the perfect choice

A club sandwich is hard to beat.
A club sandwich is hard to beat. Julian Brunt

So what do a club sandwich and a seafood platter have in common?

When I was a kid and we visited a seafood restaurant, and that was a rare treat, indeed, I always ordered the same thing.

When you don’t have regular access to something as delicious as seafood, deciding what you are going to have can be difficult. Do you want the crab cakes, the fried oysters, or the baked fish? I solved that problem by getting the seafood platter. A little bit of everything did the trick.

So when you are in the mood for a sandwich how do you solve that same dilemma? For me the answer to that question is obvious. I order a club sandwich. It covers most of the bases, doesn’t it?

I was in the Delta recently and visited the Delta Corner in Indianola. It’s a restaurant that is famous for their chicken and rice, but it also has a rep for making a killer good club sandwich. That’s where I took today’s picture.

So, here’s to club sandwiches and seafood platters, two choices that seem to have nothing in common, but they do, don’t they?