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Judge a plate by its presentation

Color is an important part of beautiful plating.
Color is an important part of beautiful plating. Special to the Sun Herald

This week I’m taking another unexpected turn in our culinary adventures. I’m not going to blog about cooking, shopping, great restaurants or fresh markets.

I’m going to blog about some of our local chefs’ abilities to plate food.

Does it sound mundane? If you think so, then you would be wrong. The art of plating food is a much sought-after talent in the chef pool.

Make the best food in the world and slop it on a plate, and, my friends, all is lost. You would be surprised at how important presentation is.

The Coast has an impressive array of good places to eat, and you will find great food in a large variety of styles, from Mexican to Vietnamese and classic fine dining. It does seem that the fine dining establishments do a more consistent job of great plating, but some of the other places can stand tall as well.

You just might be surprised at how complicated plating can be and not every chef or cook has what it takes, but when done right it is as impressive as any artistic accomplishment in any art gallery.

The salad shown here is a fruit and vegetable salad by Chef Alex Perry of Vestige in Ocean Springs. I think no comment is necessary.