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This ain’t the taco you’re probably used to

Two corn tortillas are normally served with a Mexican taco.
Two corn tortillas are normally served with a Mexican taco. Special to the Sun Herald

This week with this blog, I am trying to make the distinction between the food you will find at the ever-popular Tex-Mex restaurants and the restaurants that try to make food more like what you will find in Mexico.

If you are a fan of the tacos you get at the local fast food place, your world is about to change if you try one at an authentic Mexican restaurant.

First thing you will notice is that the taco is encased in two yellow corn tortillas. White flour tortillas are not generally used in making an authentic Mexican taco.

Second is that if you order a beef taco it will not be filled with seasoned ground beef. It might be filled with beef cheeks (Tacos de Barbacoa de Cachete) or tongue (tacos de lenguague), both of which by the way are delicious, pork or chicken.

It will almost always be served with a side of rice and beans, but you can get them solo if you want.

You also will most likely be given a choice of two sauces, one green (salsa verde), made with tomatillos and one red (salsa roja). They may be commercially made salsas, but chances are they will not be the mild variety you are used to.

There are lots of options for tacos and the other Mexican influenced food you may be used to and you will find most to be delicious. A little adventurous spirit would go a long way toward appreciating this delightful cuisine, so take a chance and try something different.