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Follow up a good meal with a sweet drink


Special to the Sun Herald

Sweet Italian coffee as served at Cannella
Sweet Italian coffee as served at Cannella

This has been a very sweet week.

I’ve blogged the past four days about desserts and sweet endings. Most often, we get something to drink along with dessert, right?

If you are at a restaurant with a good wine list, they just might have a dessert wine to go with your pie or cake, but for me it has to be coffee.

But not just any coffee will do. I crave an Italian espresso made by my friend Roberto Zito, co-owner of Cannella in Bay St Louis. He calls it his specialty regimental espresso, as it is made to the standards of his regiment in the Italian army.

I can’t imagine a more delicious coffee of any sort, or any stronger coffee. I once could not resist and had two in a row. I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head. Combine Roberto’s espresso and one of their famous cannoli and you are going to be in a sugary, caffeine-filled heaven.

Get out there and explore, the Coast has so much to offer, whether it be in sweets, overstuffed po-boys or a great gumbo. Few places in the South have the magnificent assortment of good places to eat that we do. Isn’t there a new place you have been meaning to try? What are you waiting for?