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Coast Cooking: The best pizza around is made from scratch


Special to the Sun Herald

Pizza from scratch is the best.
Pizza from scratch is the best.

Another top Italian comfort food is pizza. America is crazy about it.

You can buy them premade at the grocery store. You can visit one of many chains, or you can order delivery.

The best in my book, however, is a category of pie reserved for the local places that make their pizzas from scratch.

If there isn't a cook in the kitchen making dough, slapping it around, and tossing it in the air, then you are sunk. The difference is huge.

You might be surprised to know there are quite a few places on the Coast that make pizza from scratch.

So what else is important besides making the dough from scratch? A 600 f plus pizza oven is essential, quality ingredients and great recipes.

Nothing will save you if the recipe for your sauce is not up to par.

If you can put all of those essential elements together in one restaurant, then you have one heck of a great pizza.