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Coast Cooking: A Mediterranean-style salad


Special to the Sun Herald

A Mediterranean-style salad served on a flatbread.
A Mediterranean-style salad served on a flatbread.

I mentioned recently that I am on a doctor-ordered diet. I have lost 20 pounds.

A big part of my diet is staying away from a lot of pasta, rice and, my beloved crusty French bread, but I do make one exception.

I love the Mediterranean-style salad at Sicilian II restaurant, but I requested they serve it for me on a flatbread.

It is such a lovely combination of delicious and healthy things, you won’t feel like you are eating a salad at all. Here is the simple recipe.


Sliced onion

Pepperoncini peppers

Olive oil

Feta cheese

Cubed tomato

Black olives


Slice or cube the cucumber, make sure to thin slice the onions, crumble on the feta, toss in the rest of the ingredients, and then add as much olive oil as you like. Serve it on top of a flatbread, and you will enjoy a healthy and hearty meal.