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Coast Cooking: Give pork belly a try


Special to the Sun Herald

Pork belly is a tasty dish.
Pork belly is a tasty dish.

Pork belly was something you almost never saw on a fine dining menu in the past. Now, however, it is all the rage.

If you have ever tried this delicious, fat-filled, moist, crunchy-on-the-top delicacy, you will need no convincing.

If you want to try it at home, you might encounter several problems. Most grocery stores do not carry pork belly, but most Asian grocery stores do.

The other problem with making pork belly at home, is that most recipes call for it to be roasted at a temperature too high for most home ovens.

Crank up your oven and do the best you can. I made pork belly recently but took it to an Italian place I like, and the chef put it in his 650 f oven. Killer, killer good.

I have had good pork belly at the Oyster Reef Club, Vestige, and Corks & Cleaver, and I am sure there are other places that offer this dish as well. Be brave and give it a try.


Score the fatty side in a cross hatch pattern

Season aggressive with Tony's or another Creole style seasoning

Pre-heat oven to as hot as it will go

Bake at highest temp possible for 15-20 minutes. Reduce heat to 325 f and bake for one and a half hours. Serve piping hot. This dish is so rich, serve with Beaujolais or Gamay red wine.