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Coast Cooking: Fried oyster po-boys are wonderful


Special to the Sun Herald

Oyster po-boy.
Oyster po-boy.

Nothing is as near and dear to my culinary heart as a fried oyster.

Just the thought makes my heart go pitter-patter. Really! I love oysters, they are good raw, pretty darn good baked and grilled, but when a big fat, salty oyster is properly fried, it is a thing of beauty, and when you make a proper po-boy out of those perfectly fried oysters, there is little that can compare.

I know I am taking a risk that you will soon tire of me writing about this, but most chefs and home cooks overcook seafood. Period. It is a pity, but it is in our Southern blood to overcook everything. Back in the day when there were dangerous diseases, like trichinosis, it was understandable, but those days are hopefully gone.

Please do this side by side test. Toss two fat oysters in milk, then in flour or panko, season with Tony's, and drop both in hot oil. Remove one after 1 minute, leave the other for 3-4 minutes. Now eat. You will see what I mean.

When you bite into a perfectly fried oyster, the juice should run down your arm. End of sermon.