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Coast Cooking: Shrimp and bacon on top of that burger


Special to the Sun Herald

Shrimp and bacon make a great combination to top off your burger.
Shrimp and bacon make a great combination to top off your burger.

All week I have been blogging about good things you can do to spruce up the American cheeseburger.

Of course, if you have done everything else correctly (use the best quality meat, a great melting cheese, and seasoned it all correctly), there really isn't a need to add too much else. But there are those of us who just can't resist.

So if you want to create a super burger, here's an idea I stole from the Biloxi Lugger Restaurant in Biloxi. Top your burger with shrimp and smoked bacon. Wow! What a great combination those simple ingredients make.

As always there is a caveat. The shrimp must be treated with the respect they deserve, and you should use the best bacon you can find.

For the shrimp, they should be quickly cooked, never overcooked and lightly seasoned, and it goes without saying that they should be wild-caught Mississippi shrimp.

If you know anything about bacon, and are a serious foodie, then you know that Benton's Bacon (that has to be ordered online) is the best in the world. If you combine these two specialty ingredients, good burger basics and a great melting cheese, like Gruyere, then you are about to sit down to a very special burger indeed.  

How can I end any other way? I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.