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Coast Cooking: Try this beer can cheeseburger; you'll love it


Special to the Sun Herald

Beer can burger is a great variation on the cheeseburger.
Beer can burger is a great variation on the cheeseburger.

So we are devoting this week’s blog posts to one of my favorite subjects -- perhaps the kings of American culinary inventions -- the cheeseburger.

Who can count the variations on this glorious subject? In this part of the South you can get a po-boy burger, or even a burger that features seafood, and what's not to like about that? But I am told there is a new burger idea that is sweeping through the barbecue world, and it is called the beer can burger. What the heck is that?

Well it is a pretty simple, but pretty cool idea. Form a meat patty around the bottom of a beer can, so that a pocket is made, fill the pocket with wonderful things, like mac and cheese, or chili, and then smoke, grill and garnish.

Now  dive into as wonderful a burger as you have ever had. The Fire Fly Inn in Gulfport does it that way.


1 pound ground beef

4 slices smoked bacon

2-3 cups homemade chili

Lots of cheddar cheese

Lots of Jill's famous homemade pickles

Form the meat into four patties. Force a beer can into the middle to make the pocket, making sure to keep the shape round and even. Wrap each burger in a strip of bacon, then cook the burger over a smoky, wood fire until just done. Fill the center with hot chili, cover in cheese, and return to the smoker just to melt the cheese. Garnish with pickles, then stand back, there is likely to be a stampede!