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John T.’s last meal

john T. Edge, author of "Southern Belly," wrote to say he hopes "to get back to new Orleans Original Po Boys in D'Iberville soon."

And in response to our question about his last meal, if he could pick it, he wrote, “I’m tempted to play to the home team and dub that (the D’Iberville po-boy) my meal-to-endall, but I think I’d have to fess up and tell you that a pimento cheeseburger would likely win out. I dig the way the cheese melts down the craggy edges of a handformed patty.”

The burger of which he speaks originated at a place called the Dairy Bar in Columbia, S.C., and it involves cooking a hand-formed burger patty — not too thick, mind you — on a griddle, then slathering the top with homemade pimiento cheese before serving. You can still get such burgers in Columbia, probably lots of other places, too, but why not make one of your own.