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Where to find a shrimp po-boy during black spring break on the Coast

Overstuffed, dressed and pressed.

In Biloxi, Mississippi, that’s how you order a shrimp po-boy.

It’s a staple on most restaurant menus on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and it’s something locals love and tourists must try.

A good shrimp po-boy starts with the bread — usually served on French bread that soft inside with a crispy exterior — and is stuffed with golden-fried, peeled shrimp. On most menus, the sandwich is dressed with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and pickle.

Some places toast and butter the bread and serve the po-boy open faced. Other places fold the sandwich and press it in a panini grill.

If you’re vising the Mississippi Gulf Coast for black spring break, there are restaurants in Biloxi that serve classic shrimp po-boys within walking distance of the Mississippi Coast Coliseum or downtown Biloxi, so you won’t have to lose your parking spot for the weekend.

Here’s a list:

  • Wentzel’s, 1906 Beach Boulevard, Biloxi: Shrimp po-boy served on fresh French bread with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and pickle for $14
  • The Reef, 1749 Beach Boulevard, Biloxi: Shrimp po-boy served with lettuce, tomato and pickle with a side of fries for $12
  • Shaggy’s Biloxi Beach, 1763 Beach Boulevard, Biloxi: Shrimp po-boy served fried or grilled, open faced, with a side of fries for $12.50

  • Half Shell Oyster House, Gulfport or Biloxi: Shrimp po-boy served press on Gambino’s French bread with a choice of a side for $11.50
  • The Ole Biloxi Fillin’ Station, 692 Howard Avenue, Biloxi: Shrimp “piled high” on po-boy bread, dressed with mayonnaise and pickle, and served with a side for $11.95
  • Southport Line, 647 Howard Avenue, Biloxi: Locally sourced shrimp, po-boy bread from Le Bakery, house-made mayonnaise, arugula, roma tomatoes, house-made pickles, served with a side for $11
  • White Cap, 560 Beach Drive, Gulfport: Po-boy served dressed and pressed with fries for $11.95. Po-boys not served after 5 p.m.
  • Felix’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar, 924 Beach Drive, Gulfport: Classic fried po-boy with fries for $12 or grilled shrimp po-boy — dressed with olive oil, lettuce, black olives and red onions — for $13
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